Charlie began his life in the entertainment industry as a theatre / film electrician. This led to a 10 year career as lighting designer. Charlie's work was seen everywhere from Off-Broadway to Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. Then like all good creative people he decided what he really wanted to do was direct.​​​​​

Charlie's film directorial debut "Whacked", a 21 minute comedy starring Bryan Callen, is the story of a filmmaker who borrowed money from the mob to make a film and now can't pay it back. "Whacked" won several festival awards including the best short film at the 1998 Ohio Independent Film Festival, Special Selection at the Ohio International Film Festival and the Silver Award at the Atlantic City Film Festival. "Whacked" is being distributed by Big Film Shorts.

In 2003 Charlie co-wrote and directed his first feature film, Atlantic City Serenade. A noir melodrama about Frank, a reclusive bartender driven to violent desperation by the death of his best friend. Serenade was completed in April of 2004 and picked up for distribution by ITN Distribution.

In May of 2004, Charlie and his team participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival and created the 8 minute comedy "Not So Super". A slapstick comedy about a super hero with performance anxiety, "Not So Super" garnered raves at the festival.

In 2005 Charlie wrote, produced and directed "A Question Of Time". Shot on location in Park Slope Brooklyn, "AQT" is a post 9-11 story that shines a little light on the after effects of that tragic event and the human fall out that was left in it's wake.

In 2006 Charlie made "Red Legged Devils" an historical drama based on the first person accounts and regimental histories of the 5th New York Duryee's Zouaves, The 5th New York was one of the finest units to serve during the American Civil War.

In 2007 Charlie wrote and directed "The Price of Art" as short film starring veteran actor Louis Zorich.

Also in 2008 Charlie produced and directed a TV pilot "Accidental Heroes".

 In 2010 Charlie co - wrote and directed the "The Chronicles of Bob" a Sci-Fi pilot.

In 2014 Charlie finished work on a Documentary film, "Rescue! Brooklyn", which was an official selection at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, and was chosen to be the opening night film. Rescue! Brooklyn is being distributed by Adler and Associates Entertainment, and is available on Amazon Prime .

In 2015 Charlie directed two music videos for Suzanne Vega's newest release "Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles, "I Never Wear White" and "Don't Uncork What You Can't Contain".

In 2016 Charlie wrote and directed the feature film "Annie's World" a romantic comedy currently being distributed by Adler and Associates Entertainment.

In 2020 Charlie finished work on his documentary "Bard of the Village", a film about Folk Icon Jack Hardy and the Songwriter's Exchange. It is currently making the festival rounds. 

Charlie is in production on a new documentary film, "2020 - Trumpism and then American Jewish Community, which will explore the rise in anti-Semitic instances under the Trump administration and the otherwise irrational support of Trump by a significant portion of the Jewish community.